If you are like most people, your body does a good job at storing energy in the form of fat. But your body may not be as good at converting that fat back into energy. Even if you're active, your body sees fat as an asset that it won't give up easily.

When you start to work out, your body creates a chemical called adenosine that inhibits the conversion of fat into energy. Adenosine is a natural by-product that can slow fat-burning and eventually halt sustained activity. It may be keeping your body from using the fat you want to lose. Adenosine also promotes lactic acid buildup - causing fatigue and muscle stiffness.

ACCESS is an energy bar that stops adenosine from taking effect. When you eat this great-tasting energy bar 15 minutes before you exercise, your energy levels will soar and you'll burn fat - both vital for reaching your fitness goals. And to top it all, because of reduced lactic acid in the body, there is less or no muscle stiffness after the workout.

This energy bar is the first and only patented Fat Conversion Activity Bar for enhanced workouts and reduced body fat. It works by naturally blocking the energy-sapping effects of adenosine. Muscles use less sugar and more stored fat for energy. It gives you greater endurance with less fatigue. This energy bar turns fat into fuel, working differently from other energy bars.

By eating one of these energy bars on an empty stomach 15 minutes before exercising, you will have readily accessible calories for your body to draw on, which kick-starts your workout while still allowing the processes that help unlock the stored fat to activate. This results in a more enjoyable workout because you feel more energetic and sustained.

If you want to shed those excess fats around your tummy, and at the same time sustain your energy levels during your sports trainings or competitions, the secret to that is
ACCESS. Take the energy bar 15 minutes before you start training.

Top Olympians are also tapping on this patented nutrition that turns fat into fuel. Members of the Singapore national floorball team have also used it and found it to be effective, while being great-tasting at the same time. 

ACCESS comes in 4 flavours - Mint Chocolate Ice, Chocolate Caramel Kruncher, Chocolate Peanut Butter Krisp & Chocolate Raspberry Rush.

ACCESS is available for order purchase at a special promotional price of S$4.00 per bar or S$35.00 per box of 10 bars.

If you want to know more about this energy bar or Fat Conversion Activity Bar, and how you can get your hands on this great product, get in touch with me ( or 97560811).